Compare information about heating fuels in this chart to help determine heating fuel efficiency and make decisions about heating your home.

Fuel TypeBTU Value / UnitUnits to Produce 1,000,000 BTUFuel Price / Unit Summer 2010Cost to Produce 1,000,000 BTUAppliance EfficiencyEffective Cost Per 1,000,000 BTU
Shelled Corn7,000 per pound143 lbs$3.41 bushel $8.70 / 143 lbs$8.7080% 10.87
Wood Pellets8,000 per pound125 lbs$235 per ton (avg.) $14.69 / 125 lbs$14.6980%$18.36
Firewood22,000,000 per cord0.0607 cords$225 per cord (green)$13.6660%$22.77**
Electricity3,413 per kwh293 kwh$0.1247 per kwh$36.54100%$36.54*
Natural Gas1000 per cu. ft. 1 therm = 100 cu. ft.10 therms$1.35 per therm$13.5080%$16.88*
Fuel Oil139,000 per gallon7.1 gallons$2.77 per gallon$19.6780% $24.58
LP Gas91,690 per gallon11 gallons$2.74 per gallon$30.1480%$37.68

*Does not include monthly fixed charge
**Cord Wood price is an average and does not include delivery.