We can provide the following delivery services:

  • Normal deliveries are between 9AM and 3:30PM. After hours deliveries are subject to additional charges, especially in the PM hours.
  • ON-SPOT-DELIVERY includes in your garage, providing the customer is attending the delivery and there is an access width of 5 feet.
  • Stacking of all Heating Fuel products within 10 feet from truck lift gate or pallet truck, (this is at "the furthest point of the stack")
  • Stacking over 10 feet is subject to an additional charge of $5 per running foot
  • Remove unwanted pallets
  • Clean up after delivery
  • Will return for delivery the following day if the customer is not at home

We cannot provide the following services:

  • Sunday delivery
  • Delivery in a closed driveway (be it snow or ice or roads "pushed" closed by road crews)
  • Delivery on roads that are closed by local, state or township officials due to bad weather
  • ON-SPOT-DELIVERY with less than 5 feet in access width
  • Stairs up or down – this includes stacking
  • Delivery over stone surfaces or lawns with pallet truck
  • In your home or living quarters
  • Will not enter garage if customer is not present